Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website ranked highly on search engines. In everyday society a very common phrase you will hear is “Google it” if people want to know something or find something, so it is only natural that you will ask “Can you get me to the top of Google?”
Well if you choose The Web Butler for managing your website then I will put you on the most popular search engines and optimize your site so you get the very best in return. Some interesting facts to consider are approximately 64% of all internet searches are conducted through Google and 84% of those searchers will not go past the second page. So it is my aim to initially get you within the top two pages and ultimately to number one!
However Google is not the only search engine, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are also commonly used throughout the world so naturally you will want to be visible on those! As you package I will also get your website put onto these search engines and optimize your site with your very own tailored SEO project!